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Product Description

Supplier No: 650201 
Unit: Case of 100 
Maximum Volume: 355 µL 
Working Volume: 50-300 µL 
Color: Clear 
Sterility: Nonsterile


Microplates are manufactured from ClearChoice virgin polypropylene resin. They are produced with uniform external dimensions and tolerances to meet ANSI recommendations for compatibility with equipment and robotics. These plates are biologically inert, exhibit low binding characteristics, offer high temperature tolerance (-196 to 121°C/-321 to 250°F), and are resistant to many standard laboratory chemicals. Black plates are ideal for fluorescence polarization. Microplates feature alphanumerically coded wells with round, conical, or flat bottoms. Chimney well plates feature a chimney-like arrangement in which each well stands on its own to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination, and feature individual rims that rise above the surface of the plate to aid in sealing by cap mat, thermal sealer, or adhesive sealer. Stackable and autoclavable. Plates are supplied without lids. Dimensions: 128Lx86Wx15Hmm. Plates are free of detectable RNase, DNase, human DNA, and pyrogens. All plates have a footprint conforming to the ANSI/SBS 1-2004 Standard.

Manufacturer Product Code

VALIDADE 12/2016

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